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You might have already noticed that the old Swyx Forum (the archive, is currently not available.


Seems like the virtuoso server have a problem as the archive is not the only website on that machine which is currently down. The hoster is working on it!



And of course these things happen when I am on vacation...


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A little bit of background on why it took so long:


The Parallels platform of my hoster was massively attacked and although not knowing too many details I assume hundreds of customers were being affected of it. 


All of my domains were not just "a little bit hacked", but there was practically no html, asp or php file that wasn't filled up with advertisements and lots and lots of trojans (especially IE users were targeted!).


As this happened not only to my few domains but to hundreds of others as well, my hoster was sort of busy getting things back to normal again, which took quite a while.


I guess this was the absolute worst case scenario and nightmare one could think of for a web hoster.


Luckily the current Swyx Forum is somewhere else and the archive was just an archive with no recent content anymore. So restoring it from the backup when moving the forums last year was all I needed to do, beside waiting for the hoster.


Sorry again for the inconvenience. Especially the missing wiki with the Server Script API was hurting.


Swyx Presales got lots of phone calls and emails per day asking why the page is down and when it comes back. I actually thought it was clear that the forum is not Swyx at all...


If there is something to learn from this:



And on a personal note: I know now how to put binary code into a text file (website) to get it executed by the Internet Explorer. I have tons of examples now.

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