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Tom Wellige

How To Manipulate A Destination Using Persistent Variables?

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Today I got the following question by PM, and going to answer it here in the forum:


Hello Tom, i got the persistent variables working. But i didn't succeed in what i want to accomplice.
I would like to make it possible to get a phone to ring in a group depending on a status set in the persistent variable. Is there a way to make this work?



Hi there.


So depending of the status of the pv you want to select another destination?

select case PersVar  
  case "1"    
    sTarget = "123"  
  case "2"
    sTarget = "456"
end select

with having declared sTarget previously using the "Set Variable" block or within the "Start" block.


Afterwards use the "Connect To" block and enter as destination "= sTarget" (without the apostrophes).


You can of course also store the destination directly into a pv and use then pv directly within the "Connect To" block, like "= PersVar"



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Hallo Tom,


Thanks for the reply/help.


I got it to work for now. To make it work i made 2 groups one with the specific user in it and one whitout this user in it. No i can make him change the group bij calling a number.


This is usable for 1 user, if i want to do this for more users it is nog going to work.Is it possible to create a group with agents / phone users and let them ring on an incomming call depending on a status in the persistend variables database?



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What you really would need is group membership manipulation from within a call routing script.


This is not directly possible, but with either the Config Data Store SDK or a PowerShell script this should be possible.


Instead of connecting a call to a group you can also initiate parallel calls from within the Connect To block, by just giving all needed numbers separated by ; (semicolon). So within your call routing script you can somehow compile the list of users to be called for the current call and then just make a parallel call to them.


Please note, that Swyx officially only support a parallel call to one internal and one external call. Only this is supported and tested, but nothing will be done to prevent you from adding more targets :-)

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