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i know there used to be a speedial assistent for swyx 2011

is there someway to replicate the copy function for this as most of our agents use the same speeddial set

or is there a tool that does work for swyx 2015 r2

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i do have a very simple one (no looping as i cant get it to work)

the nice bit would be if it does it for all members rather then 1 

shorter example 

$user = read-host
$1 = New-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -title "user1" -Number 111
$2 = New-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -title "user2"-Number 108
$3 = New-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -Title "user3" -number 124
Add-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -SpeedDialKey $1 -UserName $user -SpeedDialKeyId 0
Add-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -SpeedDialKey $2 -UserName $user -SpeedDialKeyId 1
Add-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -SpeedDialKey $3 -Username $user -SpeedDialKeyId 2

the nice bit would be that it adjusts for the amount of people being added/changed and that the speedial keys can be given a start number

or from a file

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Not my script, got this one from a friendly person from T-Com Support :)


With this Script you can use an Config. Group on the Swyxserver to get the the User and set the Speeddial and namekeys via a text file.

Import-Module IpPbx

Connect-IpPbx -ServerName *insertSwyxserverhere*

$Keys = Import-Csv -Path namekey.txt -Delimiter ";" -Encoding UTF8

$Members = Get-IpPbxGroupMember -GroupName "*EnterConfigurationgrouphere*"

Foreach ($Member in $Members) {
Foreach ($Key in $Keys) {
$NameKey = New-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -ClearBeforeDialing -DialImmediately:$false -Number $key.Nummer -Label $key.Name
Add-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -SpeedDialKey $NameKey -UserName $Member.Name -SpeedDialKeyId $Key.Idx


Note: - UTF-8 encoding for the text file is only realy needed for germans (or others) who use these silly Umlauts äöü in their names :P:lol:

         - speeddialkey attributes (-ClearBeforeDialing -DialImmediately ) can be turned off via the :$false parameter behind it.


Edit: - The textfile needs the username ; internalphonenumber ; namekeynumber    seperated via the delimiter ; in the textfile.


This hopefully helps you and some others with their administrativ tasks :);)

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Could you maybe provide an example line of what the textfile should look like?


For my understanding: I need to build this textfile myself? I cannot use an exported speeddial list?


Also: does this only work for Swyx contacts with an internal number? I have a number of external contacts in the default skin/speeddiallist

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