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Tom Wellige

Alerting With More Then 1 Queue

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A problem has been posted into the bug tracker, but should better be discussed here:





We have few incoming lines, We wanted to split them in 3 queue's so our employees can prioritize the calls and pick them up.


But when 1 user is in more then 1 queue and both queue's have people waiting. only 1 call will go to the aviable user and the other calls wil be dropped.


So when 1 person from queue 1 is already alerting and from the second queue a call is alerting to. the first call will be dropped and the second call wil stay on alerting.

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It never is a good idea to have different queues trying to deliver calls to the same target as they can negatively interfere each other.


Why is that?


All queues try to deliver a call at the same time to the destination. E.g.: they all check the status of the destination and all get free. Now all queue try to connect the call, but only the first one succeeds. The other ones will get a busy. Of course, this should leed into a situation where the call is put back into the queue, music on hold is restarted again, and in no error situation.


But the main problem is: the queues don't know of each other. They work against each other, and that is never a good idea.



And how would your employees decide which call they would accept? They can't tell which call will be signalled next to them, as this is sort of random because all queue try to deliver their calls at the same time. Or do they just pick from via the web interface?

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