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Tom Wellige

I can't login using my existing Swyx Forum account

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You have a Swyx Forum account for ages and it doesn't work on the new Swyx Forum.

This is unfortunately intentionally. With moving into the new forum environment it wasn't possible to migrate all the data from the old Swyx Forum, including the user accounts.

Therefore you have to register a new account.

I am, however, able to take the displayed number of posts you made in the old Swyx Forum and display this number here in the new Swyx Forum. If you are interested in that (to show that you are an ambitious forum user) just drop me a message including your user name of the old Swyx Forum.

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With an update to a newer version of the forum software, there is a change in the login mechanism.

Before (12.11.2014 - 13.11.2015) the forum software differed between a Login Name and a Display Name.

The Login Name was solely used for logging in, while the Display Name was use to be displayed all over the forum.

The new version does not know the Login Name any more.

Only the Display Name is left over and will now be used for logging in.

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