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Tom Wellige

Mobile Integration

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The new Swyx Forum is mobile device friendly!



Web Browser


If you surf it with you smartphone or tablet it will show itself in a mobile optimized version. You will be able to easily access the Forums and the Blogs.

Here are some impressions:


browser_phone_1.png  browser_phone_2.png  browser_phone_3.png  browser_phone_4.png


browser_tablet_1.png  browser_tablet_2.png  browser_tablet_3.png  browser_tablet_4.png

Aside of that, the new Swyx Forum also integrates into tapatalk!
tapatalk is a great app for all current mobile platforms (Apple, Android, Windows Phone) which gives you full access to online forums, such as Swyx Forum on your smartphone and tablet.
Read more about tapatalk here:
How to setup Swyx Forum in your tapatalk app?


  • install and start the tapatalk app on your smartphone/tablet
  • search for "swyx"
  • connect to "Swyx Forum" from the search results
  • use your Swyx Forum credentials to login


With tapatalk you will be able to access the Forums.

Here are some impressions:


tapa_phone_1.png  tapa_phone_2.png  tapa_phone_3.png  tapa_phone_4.png


tapa_tablet_1.png  tapa_tablet_2.png  tapa_tablet_3.png  tapa_tablet_4.png



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