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Hello all.


I have just enabled a new chat feature for Swyx Forum.


In the menu above you will find a "Chat" link. If you click it a new chat window opens and you are free to chat with everyone also currently in the chat room.


The number of people currently in the chat room is displayed right next to the "Chat" link, provided someone is in the chat.





The chat is only available at daytime (08:00-22:00 CET). 



Please note that I take this feature as experimental. I am not sure if it is really of big use for this community website. I will give it a month or so to see if you are making use of it and then decide if it stays or not.


Some years ago (in 2007 actually) I also had a chat feature on the old Swyx Forum page which wasn't used very much.



If you have any comments on the chat feature or suggestion please feel free to use this topic.

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With no response and no usage at all I have decided to remove the chat feature again from the page.


If anyone has a good idea of what could be done with it (like the suggested regular chats) he/she is very welcome to tell it here.

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