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Max Power

Trunk Error Port Range COLT

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Hello dear Swyxusers and SwyxAdmins,

I have found here in the forum nothing corresponding therefore a new Threat.

Here's the thing - We have set up a virtual server 2019 with the penultimate SwyxWare software and the corresponding server version (11.38). The server should only do Swyx.

Technical data -

Intel Xenon E5-2620 @ 2.00GHz

8GB Ram

Win Server 2019 Essentials (pretty much the latest Windows patch)

80Gb hard disk (over 30Gb free)

I hope I haven't forgotten anything essential. So far so-called.

We have successfully maintained the database. Now we from COLT wanted to use a SwyxTrunk. I created an extra location for COLT (with the default area code 69). In the group I want to create a trunk (under the menu item Trunk). Then the wizard opens. With COLT you enter very little... Anyway as soon as I enter phone numbers I get an error message at the end which reads as follows:



The Swyx Link Manager contains 65002 as provided by COLT.

Has anyone experienced the error message before?

If you want me to explain something in more detail, or if you have any further questions, please feel free to write :)

Many greetings



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Hello dear SwyxUser,


I think I can say that the case is solved.

In fact, I had entered a STUN server, I had to delete it and for that I had to enter a proxy server.

If you know it's easy.

best regards



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