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Tino Korth

SwyxPhone Client - user status not "up to date"

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Hello Swyx-Fans,


I've got the problem that the SwyxClient does not update the users status properly.


What could cause and solve this problem?


In my screenshot you can see that my status in the list is "red", but in the popup is "green".



Best wishes



2019-04-30 15_50_02.jpg

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Hello @srom,


thanks a lot for your reply.


My Client version is 11.20.3111 (Octopus NetPhone Client, a labeled version of the Swyx Client by Deutsche Telekom).


The network design is easy, the Swyx Server is in the same network like my phone and my PC.


I'm trying to set the registry keys like mentioned in http://archive-swyx-forum.com/community/Forums/tabid/54/forumid/-1/threadid/15992/scope/posts/Default.aspx#.XMv1-qTgry1


"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Swyx\Client Line Manager\CurrentVersion\Options" DWORD Value "EnableMultiSubscription" with value 0.
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Swyx\Client Line Manager\CurrentVersion\Options" DWORD Value"MaxSipPresenceSubscriptionSize", 10, bez. 5, bez. 1


I'll give a feedback later.






2019-05-03 12_26_57-Info über Octopus NetPhone Client.jpg

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