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calls are not placed into queue

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we recently reinstalled Swyx 11.32 on a new server. Therefore we used SQL Express 2016 on Windows Server 2016

Now OpenQueue is not working as expected anymore. The queue is created but the call is not placed into the queue. The call is ended.

I know that the documentation says that the database has to be in SQL 2000 compatibility mode, which is not available anymore with SQL 2016. But on a test installation everything works fine. Tested with 11.32 and 11.38

We created already a new database, tried with the simple.rse script, uninstalled AntiVirus software. Firewall is disabled on the Swyx Server.

Any idea what might be the root cause?




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Hello Ben,


please use the Forum private message function to send me a server trace and some information about a test call (involved numbers and time stamp). I will have a look on it to see if the cause for the problem is visible from there.


My first guess are access privilege problems, but we will see.


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