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Artur Nowak

More than 250 speed dials/name buttons

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Hello @all,


I have a big problem: Our phone central agent wants a skin with more than 250 buttons to directly redirect calls to every employee. I've made a skin with 390 buttons. As long as I stay in the skin editor, every button is active. After I save the skin and exit the editor mode in the SwyxIt client, all buttons above 250 are grey and can't be assigned. I already edited the skindefinition.dat in the SwyxIt client folder, but this only "disables" the warning message in the skin editor, so more buttons can be created.

Do you have any suggestions how to activate >250 speed dial buttons for just one person?


I know... performance, traffic, ... are bad, but  I hope it's possible somehow.


Best wishes,


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My Info there there is no Solution, i think the ins was  to Script an Webpage with Phonebook Access an Callto Links



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Thank you srom, I hoped there is a way to change the server side configuration for the client 😕 theoretically it's possible to go beyond 250 buttons on the client side and to select values beyond 250 on the server side. So in between there must be a restriction. But then I think... the solution is like you say: "Webpage with Phonebook access and callto links".

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