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You might have read the Swyx press release lately, announcing the Swyx Chat and the Swyx Community.


In case you missed it, you can find it on the Swyx Forum web page, as of course also on the Swyx web page.


The given link in the press release brings you to the Swyx Help Center. The Swyx Community is linked on top of that page.




Go and have a look!


To make it clear: the Swyx Community will not replace the Swyx Forum. The Swyx Forum with its 12 years of history and tons of interesting discussions, suggestions, tips and solutions will stay as it is and continue to provide community services (forum, projects, downloads) to everyone who is interested in SwyxWare (in all its flavors).


Nevertheless, the new Swyx Community is an interesting project and deserves all attention it can get. In the end there is only one thing that really matters (which has also been the main goal of Swyx Forum from the beginning) getting answers to questions and solutions for problems. There is no difference if that happens here or there. 


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