Group-based delivering of only one call at a time

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is it possible to configure OpenQueue to only deliver one call at a time, when the target is a normal group, and more than one agent is available?


The root problem I want to work around, is that the phone agents would not manage to set their information properly, whether they are available or not.

That leads to excessive times calls remain in "alerting" state, because nobody is picking up.


Now that has the following effect: If OpenQueue sees several agents as available, it will push the same number of calls into "alerting" state.

Other calls in the queue will move forward, but when the connecting timeout is reached, they are placed back into the queue.

The calls in "waiting" state will get strange announcements (from their point of view), because they are first moving forward, then moving backwards again in the queue.

This is even worse when 2 or more agents are "free", because calls in the queue would move 2 or more steps in every direction.


Is there a way to tell OpenQueue, to only push one call into the group at a time?

I thought about adding another query to the function IsDestinationAvailable, which checks if any other call is already in "alerting" state and then return the destination as not available.

So only one call could be in "alerting" state at one time, the others would remain in the queue until this call is picked.


Any other ideas?

(Yes I know, the agents should behave properly and do not let calls ring all the time, but I am trying to get around this at least a little bit!)


Thanks folks,

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Hello Manuel,


actually the OpenQueue only connects one call per time to the destination group. It check every second if the first call in the queue can be connected. So the calls will be delivered in steps of one second into the group, as long as at least one agent is available to take a call.


This behavior could of course be changed, but it would mean a quite huge redesign of the delivery method. This is for the moment nothing I would do myself (lack of time), but that could of course been done by anyone else who feels capable of that.


As a quick solution for your problem I would suggest to configure a wrapp-up time in the SwyxIt!s of each agent. So at least they are not getting the next call immediately after the previous one.


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