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Ringing in headset - what controls it?

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So I´m testing out new Jabra Engage headsets and knowing that I´m not running latest and greatest SwyxIt versions I anticipated running into some issues.

One is that Jabra Engage headsets are not detected in SwyxIt as possible "ringing device". This Jabra device can be configured as "communications device" or "audio device" in Jabra Direct but neither option works.

Attempted to force SwyxIt to use the device by setting the registry entry for it and it showed up in the drop down but "unplugged"


Everything else works as expected, answer via button and all but getting the ringtone into the headset has only been achieved with a delay of 3 ringtones in base, then it starts ringing in the headset.


I am in contact with Jabra regarding the issue but they suspect this function is controlled via softphone/softphone plugin


Jabra Engage 75

SwyxIt v10.30.2429
Jabra Direct 3.12.1955

Windows 10 1803 17134.286

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