Ben Vlaeminck

Persistent Variables fails after update to v11.20.0.2

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Hi all,

We use Persistent Variables in ECR scripts for IVR functions for a customer.

after update to v11.20.0.2 (from 11.10.0) the IVR functionality broke. more in detail, the information from a Persistent Variable was not passed on to the next level ECR script.

Looking in IpPbxSrv log, we found Swyxware was not able to logon to the IpPbxExtensions DB on the local SQL server. Where as immediately befor the update, this was not a problem!

So, we're stuck now for this customer, he can't use his ECR scripts for the moment.

Anyone experienced this? Any solution? How to troubleshoot?

No need to point out this is urgent for the customer...

best regards


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