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I bought a professional audiointerface (not soundcard) and connected a studio microphone to it.

This did not work with Swyx. (No sound from mic while phoning.


After a lot of testing i found out, how you can make (maybe) every mic working:

There is a software, that creates a virtual audio cable available at:


This creates two new devices in your sound config panel.


  • Now simply go to the windows audio configuration panel, recording section.
  • Doubleclick your microphone device entry
  • Go to the second tab (in german it's "Abhören"; i think in english it's "playback")
  • Activate to use this device as playbacksource
  • As device to playback on chose "CABLE Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)"
  • confirm and close all the sound controlpanel windows
  • Finally choose the CABLE Output Device in Swyx as microphone


and all should work fine

(Only tested on my local machine, no warranties)


Hope this helps some poeple.


B. Hendriksen

PS: IMHO it's a shame, that Swyx programmers were not able to handle these problems and the users have to do this kind of stunts to get their headsets/microphones working.


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