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Hello guys,
in this year i would like migrate my ISDN trunk to SIP trunk, i'm trying the trial version of INTEROUTE but i have many problems for signaling, for example if I call a powered off mobile phone, i hear the ringing instead of answering machine, why?

Who had a similar problem with the sip trunk?




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Hi Kevin,

We use SIP trunks for a couple of years now, and I can tell this issue normally has nothing to do with SIP trunks vs ISDN lines. Unless there's something in the Failover config of the SIP trunk (Provider side).

First of all, can you tell a little more about the setup? version Swyxware, call routing setings for the receiving user, client system of the call receiver, where are you calling from? is the call to a mobile number or Swyx client on the smartphone? etc...

look forward to helping you out...



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