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Hello Community!


i´m trying to automate the profile-picture assignment by using power shell. To do this i need to pick the Windows-Authentication Username from IpPbxUser-Object of Connect-IpPbx Module in Power shell. As i see there is no way getting there information directily from the mentioned PowerShell-Object. Is there anybody who can make a suggestion how to pic this information?


kind reguards


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The user object has a property called UserNTAccountEntryCollection which contains all Windows Accounts associated with the SwyxWare user.


Note: There might be more than one item in the collection.

Note: If you use the SwyxWare AD Integration (via the Microsoft Active Users and Computers snapin), the SwyxWare <-> AD User link can be retrieved via 


$UserEnum = $LibManager.GetUserEnum()

$User = Get-IpPbxUser -Username "Otto" 
$Sid = $UserEnum.GetADOwner($User.UserID) # you can and should reuse the userEnum when calling this with different user ids

SwyxWare returns Windows Security Identifiers (SIDs). To get the username use something like this:

$sid = new-object "System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier" -ArgumentList $SID


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