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Data protection declaration

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Hello all,


during the last couple of days you might have been asked by the forum multiple times to accept the updated "data protection declaration".


As you surely all know (from lots of news coverage and newsletters you might have received from other sites) next Friday the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 will come into effect.


The main idea of GDPR is to strengthen you, the user, in terms of data privacy and data protection. You have to right the get completely informed by all entities that handle any kind of your data, what exactly this data is needed for, how it is handled and where it is kept. Furthermore it makes sure that at any time you are able to get a copy of all your stored/handled data, to withdraw your consent of handling and storing the data, including getting your data deleted (as far as legal requirements do not force the entity to keep it in all or parts).


Collecting all needed information for the new Swyx Forum data protection declaration was an iterative process. So that's the reason why the forum has asked you a few times in the last couple of days for your consent. 


I am sorry if this might caused any inconvenience for you. I wanted to make sure that you will get all information easily accessible and to give you a complete picture of why Swyx Forum (and other linked pages) handles your data, how it handles your data, where it handles and stores your data and what to do if you want to withdraw your consent.


In case you want to re-read the declaration you can find it at any time here.



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