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Custom SIP Provider on Netphone

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Hello Guys,


we are using a netphone virtual vmware appliance.


is there any possibility to add custom SIP Provider Profiles to the Netphone Software Appliance?

The Documentation says that the "Custom ProviderProfiles.config" File should be stored in \program files (x86)\swyxware.

After restarting the management console i should see the new profiles...but i dont.


Is it even possible to add those foreign SIP Providers?


I want to add this SIP Provider:


i would be very grateful if someone could contact me in this case, i am not that familiar with that sip trunk change stuff and do have some basic questions.


Current scenario is:

ADSL with splitter -> ntba -> media gateway -> netphone vm (for telephony)

                                -> adsl modem -> virtual firewall (for internet)


On wedensday the connection will change to an IP/VDSL and i am currently facing the problem how the telephony can be routed to my netphone vm.

I do not want to stick with the Fritzbox provided... (if possible?)



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As stated in the KB article you don't need to add this provider using the custom way, as it is already included in Swyx' default providers since 2015R40.2.

Besides that there is an included CustomProviderProfiles.xml for that SIP provider. attached to the KB which you just need to copy.

Watch for the right file permissions as this file needs to be (at least) readable for your Swyxware serviceuser and the account you're using when administrating your Swyx.


When creating your own Config file pls refer to KB3436 as there are some hints (e.g. UTF-8 coding) given over there.



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