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Hallo everyone,

I would apply my new confing on the telephones and as far as I know everything what I have to do is restarting PhoneManager service. Am I right?

Will it kick everyone who is already connected from the server? Or I can just restart it?

Thanks in advance

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what kind of new config? Which settings have you changed where? 

At leat most settings that you can do inside the SwyxWare Administration MMC will NOT require a restart of any services (with a few exceptions).


Nevertheless: If you would restart the PhoneManager service, this would mean that all SwyxPhone L* will loose the connection to the server. Ongoing calls would be dropped and the phones are not usable any more at all for maybe half a minute.





ps: I think double posts in englisch AND german are not the best idea. In such case I would only use english - I expect most active and skilled forum contributors here will understand that as well.

Edited by Andreas R

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