DECT SIP ideas as Swyx 800 series and 500 are not suitable

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Hi guys,


I'm struggling with Swyx to find a good DECT solution. We have about 20 branches that will be all connected using openvpn tunnels to a datacentre. I'm finding 500 and 800 series too expensive and not offering really any feature to justify the costs.


I was looking at multicell solutions from Panasonic and Snom and found one that seems good, Snom M700.


Has anyone here used Snom DECT SIP phones/bases? The M700 seems excellent on paper and pricing is also good and I was wondering how good they are in practice.



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Hello Alex,


The Snom M700 (handsets and basestation) have similar looks as the SwyxDECT 500. We have good experience with the SwyxDECT 500. I don't know how much the price differs (SwyxDECT 500 <> Snom M700)..?


Best regards,



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What's about Gigaset Pro? 

* For smaller locations N510 IP single cell basis (4 channels, 6 DECT-phones, up to 2 repeater)

* For bigger locations N720IP multi cell (up to 100 DECT phones, 30x DECT base, 30 channels/8 per base)

* Cordless phones are quite inexpensive


System is similar to SwyxDECT 700 (maybe different firmware in the future, but from both Swyx & Gigaset I got several totally different information about this). As we are Gigaset partner, we already used it some time before Swyx announced their D700 and it works fine.

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