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Hello, I have problems with a bluetooth-headset make functioned in an own swyx-application (using client api-sdk).

This headset ("FRIEQ" BTA 03) is not officially compatible to swyx, but I saw no reason, that it should not work. But it don't - either I can

hear about this headset or I can only speak, but not both simultaneously (also in "Swyxit!-Client").

I have tryed all Windows-, Audio-, and Swyx-Audio-Settings.

I guess now that I have to develop an own plugin - using the "AudioDevicePluginSDK2013"  - is that right?

And if it is, how I have to going forward? The descriptions in pfd-manuals and the sample-project

gives me not an idea, I can't imagen, where the entry-point is, to bind my audio-device (the bluetooth-Headset).


Thank you for reading. Tom

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