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New project: Open Admin

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I am happy to announce the availability of a new Swyx Forum Open Source Project:



Open Admin is huge collection of administrative tools to ease the daily life of a SwyxWare/Netphone administrator. It comes in two shapes:

  • Open Admin - text base user interface
  • Open Admin X - regular Windows user interface


The forum user Mathew developed both tools over the last years and he and his colleagues from Deutsche Telekom are using it on a regular basis for tons of administrative stuff. Because these tools have been used at Deutsche Telekom only until now, you might find the name "Netphone" at a few spots, and most importantly, they are currently available in German language only! We hope, to get that sorted out over the time, to be able to provide support for English as well.


The following both short manuals give a good idea of what these tools are about:


More documentation is included in the project download.


Please let me thank Mathew for providing his tools above the Deutsche Telekom boundaries to the entire Swyx/Netphone community! 



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