SwyxIt and USB Jabra headset issues

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i am having problems where SwyxIt is not saving my headset setting.

when going to the audio setting within SwyxIt, I select the headset option, change the audio device to me my Jadra headset, click ok to save the setting, but when I got back into the audio setting my changes didn't save and the headset doesn't work.


i have upgrade the SwyxIt to the newest version for 2015 and still get the same problem.

i have also used the USB cleaner tool and uninstalled SwyxIt, removed the register entire. Reinstalled SwyxIt and reconnected the headset and still get the same issues.

after doing all this, I installed Skype on the computer to test the headset and it works fine for Skype.


has anyone got any idea what the issues could be? And how to fix it


i have also spoken to swyx support and keep on getting told that it's a pc issues and not swyx issues but the headset work fine with any other application.



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