GetDTMF without lowering onhold music volume

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Hi There,


I'm building my own queue and which is able to receive a DTMF to leave the queue at any time towards the mailbox.

To do so, I put the call on hold play an announcement "if you prefer to leave a message press #" and enter a loop. During the loop I was trying to use PBXCallGetDtmfInputEx without a sound file or with 1_second_silence.wav. But in the first try PBXCallGetDtmfInputEx returns immediatly, even if timeout is set to 5 sec -no chance to catch a DTMF that way. with providing the 1_second_silence.wav it does almost work, but it is lowering the volume of my music on hold.

is there a wait for a DTMF char without playing any tone and not lowering my music on hold?

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