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Set the SWConfigDataSharedLib.Common.ClientDataKey of an user

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i am looking for a way to manipulate the ClientDataKeys of a user. The UserEntry object from SWConfigDataClientLib.Proxies.Users does not contain all config points for an User..


The ClientDataKeys enum contains "MinimizeWhenInactive" i need to manipulate this value of a user object.

Is there a way to set this value?


Language: c#




ps: There is a missing summary






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Hello Pascal,


the "ClientDataKey" model/class is only used on the server-side by the ConfigDataStore service. I spontaneous created a sample app for you (see attached 7z file) so that you can easily see how to modify the above listed values. If you have any further questions feel free to ask.

The sample app was created with Visual Studio 2013 and was tested with a SwyxWare 2015 R40.3.


Kind regards


Sebastian Dreier


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