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we successfully use the client-sdk-api within our software.

Now we try to set the Headset-Device via api, since Microsoft changed the usb-device-detection starting with Vista.

The effect is, that connecting multiple headset-devices from the same manufacture (in our case: Jabra EVOLVE 20),

they got numbered, even if only one by the other get connected.

Within Windows you always just got one device-entry with the same name.

With ClientLineMgr->set_DispHeadsetDevice(...) and ClientLineMgr->set_DispHeadsetCaptureDevice(...) we are able to set the device,

BUT we are not able to get a list with currently valid devices.

It looks like it should work with ClientLineMgr->get_DispHeadsetDevices(), but the result is a tagVARIANT and we have no idea how to extract the needed information from there.

Any suggestions / short samples would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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