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I have something like this. I want to test with one user then try to apply to everyone using a for each.

First I display the value then try to change it.



    $userData = Get-IpPbxUserData -UserName "TestUser"

    Write-Host "Test User : $($userData.m_bRecordAllCalls)"
    Write-Host "Test User : $($userData.m_szRecordedCallsFolder)"

    $userData.m_bRecordAllCalls = 1
    $userData.m_szRecordedCallsFolder = "D:\Recordings"

    Write-Host " -----------------------------"

    $userUpdateRec = $userData.m_bRecordAllCalls
    $userUpdateLoc = $userData.m_szRecordedCallsFolder

    Write-Host "$($userUpdateRec)"
    Write-Host "$($userUpdateLoc)"

    #Update-IpPbxUser -UserEntry $userRec

    #Set-IpPbxUserData -UserEntry "Testuser" -UserData $userData


I want to change those two settings for the user. I have the new values but cannot update them. I keep getting errors and I'm not sure if I need to use Update-IpPbxUser or Set-IpPbxUserData.


Any ideas? I think it's something easy and stupid that I'm missing.



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Like I said, it was something stupid. I used -UserEntry instead of -UserName.


UserEntry accepts an object and UserName a string.


Works fine now.

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take care when you do this for all IpPbx users. Inside a ForEach loop you should always prefer the Entry instead of the Name parameter.
Otherwise the CPU load and the memory consumption of the IpPbx ConfigDataStore service could get very high. This could have

a negative impact on your whole server (at least for a while). Here my recommendation (not tested in detail):


param([int]$RecordAllCalls = 1,
      [string]$RecordedCallsFolder = "D:\Recordings",
      [string]$IpPbxServerAddress = "localhost",
      [string]$IpPbxUserName = "",
      [string]$IpPbxPassword = "")

# Optional: Add parameter validation here
# Load ippbx module
Import-Module -Name ippbx -Verbose:$false
# Ensure that server address is not empty
if (!$IpPbxServerAddress)
    $IpPbxServerAddress = "localhost"
# If username and password are provided we try to
# logon via IpPbx Username/Password Authentication
# Otherwise we use Windows Authentication

if ($IpPbxUserName -and $IpPbxPassword)
    $Credentials = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential $IpPbxUserName, (ConvertTo-SecureString -String $IpPbxPassword -AsPlainText -Force)
    Connect-IpPbx -ServerName $IpPbxServerAddress -UseIpPbxLogin -Credentials $Credentials
    # Logon via Windows Authentication
    Connect-IpPbx -ServerName $IpPbxServerAddress

# Developer Note:
# I highly recommend the usage of the ForEach-Object commandlet
# for ForEach loops. For more details please read the following article:
# https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/heyscriptingguy/2014/07/08/getting-to-know-foreach-and-foreach-object/

Get-IpPbxUser | ForEach-Object {

    # Save the current ForEach object in a separate variable.
    # This leads to better readability and maintainability.
    # Furthermore the separate variable can also be used
    # in antoher inner ForEach loop.

    $currentUser = $_

    # Get the user data via user entry
    # (better performance and take less resources on the IpPbx server)

    $userData = Get-IpPbxUserData -UserEntry $currentUser

    Write-Host "User '$($currentUser.Name)': $($userData.m_bRecordAllCalls) / $($userData.m_szRecordedCallsFolder)"

    # Change the values
    $userData.m_bRecordAllCalls = $RecordAllCalls
    $userData.m_szRecordedCallsFolder = $RecordedCallsFolder

    # Save changes
    Set-IpPbxUserData -UserEntry $currentUser -UserData $userData
    # If you want to ensure that the changes have been saved
    # correctly you have to call Get-IpPbxUserData again

    $userData = Get-IpPbxUserData -UserEntry $currentUser

    Write-Host "User '$($currentUser.Name)' updated: $($userData.m_bRecordAllCalls) / $($userData.m_szRecordedCallsFolder)"

# Do not forget to clean up the table after eating ;-)

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