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Andreas Kangas

Call Routing rules not working.

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I have a problem that all Call Routing Rules has stop working.
For exemple:
I made a test rule DND for one user and only have that rule activated.
I choose these settings in my rule: On every situaation, on calls from anyone, at any time, The sequens of action "Voicemail" is executed.
That should mean that every call to that user should been tranfered to voicemail, but thats not happend it's only dialing on the softphone.

That problem start for 3-4 weeks ago and all users are affected.


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Have you checked the client settings for the lines on that user ? There is this option on the line for incoming calls named "all calls" that seems to ignore all callroutings (at least on my installation) for incoming calls.

It helps for me, when I set the incoming call setting to the user extension.


Hope it helps.


with kind regards

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