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Yealink phones with openVPN as SIP phone and call on hold

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Hi guys,


I'm testing Yealink phones with openvpn client which is an alternative for customers which don't have a firewall to establish a vpn tunnel. I'm using the builin openvpn client and it works fine.


My problem is call on hold, transfer and making a secondary call. When I put people on hold, it seems Swyx doesn't send the on hold music, not sure if because the SIP phone doesn't actually trigger this SIP command with Swyx server or the phone simply prefers to do call hold internally without involving the server. Is there a SIP command that the phone would normally send to the server to say the call is on hold and then the server streams the call on hold music? Does this happen for internal and external clients?


I'm trying to transfer calls without success, so I believe call on hold, transfer and secondary line needs to send some sort of SIP command to the server which Yealink is messing up, or Swyx server doesn't understand. 


Does anyone have any advice?

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Yep, that was it I was testing just when I saw this message, thanks!


Seems to be working completely fine, no need for firewall on client site to make openvpn tunnels

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