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Stefano Pranzo

events from C#

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Good morning.

I can not figure out if this is possible from a C # Client
everything I found on the events are for VBScript
what I need to do from a WindowsService or C # is an App for example:

CallId GroupEvent     OriginationName   CalledNumber    DestinationNumber           State
200         1                                    103                                                                        Alerting
200         1                                    103              100               100                           Connecting
200         1                                    103              100               100                           Connected
200         1                                    103              100               100                              OnHold   
201         1                                    100              104               104                           Connecting
201         1                                    100              104               104                           Connected
201         1                                   100               104               104                           Transferred
200         1                                   103              104              104                             Connected
201         1                                  100                                                                     Disconnected

at this link http://archive-swyx-forum.com/community/Forums/tabid/54/forumid/-1/threadid/12248/scope/posts/Default.aspx#.WBx4z8la-rd
we talk about events but with VBScript. when it comes to talking about VBScript Call Routing? where you write VBScript?

excuse my English.


P. Stefano


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Hi Stefano,


all these information you can get from the CDR as seperated records, after a call is closed. So if you are familiar with C# you should connect your Database (CDR needs to write in DB) as usual. Get the entities you need by using Linq and return the values. This stuff has nothing to do with special Swyx SDK.


VBScript you can use inside Call Routing, as the final outcome of a Call Routing itself is VBScript. So if you are familiar with VBScript you can also connect your Database by Call Events.. as example for a Trigger. But I think that is not what you need in this case.




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Thank you Oliver
  I saw that the CDR writes one record for each CallID ( the last event ). me serve all states for each CallID: tranfer, conneted, Connecting, OnHold,  Transferred, etc ..

something like this, but in C #




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Hi ogoettlich,


iI can read the SQL database without problems but there is only a single event for each CallID and I need to have all the eventso for each CallID,



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