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Remoteconnector on Windows 7 client

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Good morning to all,


I did some research in the forum for my problem but without success, so I try to write:


I have an environment with SwyxWare 2015 R3 and a SIP trunk fully functional.

I would like to connect some clients with remoteconnect and configuration works perfectly if I connect from Android, Mac and iOS but it doesn't work if I try to connect from windows client, at login the message "Failed to connect to remoteconnector" appair.


I opened the two ports 9101 and 61203 on a public address (in fact it works with other O.S.), I generated the certificate for the desired user and exported to the client.

I tried a million times without being able to connect from Windows (disabled firewall, Antivirus, tried to connect to another PC ...), do you have any idea of what could be the issue?


Many thanks in advance

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With the legacy Windows client port 9101 is not used.
The client only establishes it's TLS tunnel towards the configured adresses ([publicIP]:61203 in your case).

Is there any NAT involved on the server side? If so: Did you NAT 61203 towards the server component running the remoteconnector service and not the server component running IpPbxSrv (if different machines)?

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Hi Virikas,


thanks for reply!

Remoteconnector service and IpPbxSrv are on the same machine, I solved this morning in this way:


for the first connection i set the public addres as "name server"  instead the real name of the machine.


with this workaround i can connect the first time and after that i reset the correct name of the machine and....all it works!


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