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Stefano Pranzo

receive an event

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I would like to know if there is a way to receive an event, or other kind of method to retrieve the updates to the active calls status or if the only possible way to find it is to compare the collections using a timed trigger


Thank you

Stefano Pranzo

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Hi Stefano,


yes, there is an easy way to register an event sink. 


On top of this page you will find a SwyxIt! Development subforum linked. In there you will find a Useful Link Collection post. This post contains lots of examples being available either on the Swyx website or here in the forum.


The list contains the How to execute any command on incoming call example, which shows you how to do it.


Furthermore the Client SDK itself comes with documentation and also lots of examples.

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i have create a statusbar with all user (shows me status)

i iterate the UserPhoneBookEnum and check status and with graphics i panint my status bar like->


UserPhoneBookEnum userPhoneBookEnum = libManager.GetUserPhoneBookEnum();           
foreach (PBXPhoneBookEntry entry in userPhoneBookEnum.GetPBXPhoneBook("%", true, true))

to get actual status i had an timer with a 3 second interval that means every 3 seconds i iterate my PhoneBookEnum and paint the new status..

this works very well..

My question
is there any Event which is fired if status of any user is changed? then i have only to paint new if event is fired?

I use IpPbxCDSClientLib.ll and we have the NetPhone 10.40.2513 version.



Auf Deutsch :-)
Ich gehe alle 3 Sekunden die PhoneBookEnum durch und checke den Status der Benutzer, dieser wird dann als Statusleiste gemalt, gibt es eine Event das gefeuert wird wenn sich ein Status eines Users ändert?

Thanks for help

Edited by eAlacali

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I don t use the CDS anymore..i use now the ClientSDK and there are the WM_LineMgrNotification, this helped me out..i can use events and so on.

thats ok

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Hi eAlacali, 

Can you please give more details about the WM_LineMgrNotification. 
Where we can find it? How can we use it to get all user status? 

Thank you 

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hi, this my code


 clmgr = new ClientLineMgrClass();//PubCLMgrNameKeyStateChangedMessage
            clConfig = (ClientConfig)clmgr.ClientConfig;
            clmgr.DispOnLineMgrNotification += Clmgr_DispOnLineMgrNotification;


then the event vor clmgr


        private void Clmgr_DispOnLineMgrNotification(int msg, int param)
            //msg 9 State changed
            // Note: There's no enum for message types in the typelib, therefore we
            // have to use integer directly
            switch (msg)
                case 9: //PubCLMgrNameKeyStateChangedMessage  //< notification about changed namekey state\n
                        //< lParam: index of namekey that has new state
                        OnLineStateChanged();//is my own void

possible cases:
Case PubCLMgrLineStateChangedMessage
  Case PubCLMgrLineSelectionChangedMessage
  Case PubCLMgrLineDetailsChangedMessage
  Case PubCLMgrCallDetailsMessage
  Case PubCLMgrServerDownMessage
  Case PubCLMgrServerUpMessage
  Case PubCLMgrWaveDeviceChanged
  Case PubCLMgrGroupCallNotificationMessage
  Case PubCLMgrClientShutDownRequest
  Case PubCLMgrNameKeyStateChangedMessage
  Case PubCLMgrNumberOfLinesChangedMessage
  Case PubCLMgrClientShutDownRequest
  Case PubCLMgrPowerSuspendMessage
  Case PubCLMgrPowerResumeMessage
  Case PubCLMgrHandsetStateChangedMessage


Here you will find also some help

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