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limit maximum time of outgoing calls

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We have a wish to limit the maximum time of outgoing calls. A friendly way will be a "beep" notification, the harder way is simply disconnect the call after x minutes. Can someone advise me on this?

Thanks in advance,


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There is no such feature readily build in into the SwyxWare.


The Swyx Server does not come with a server sided call control interface which makes a solution more tricky...


One way to solve this could be a small self written application that runs on each client machine and connects to the SwyxIt! via it's Client SDK. It monitors all line key states and do the "time check". Once it figures the time for an outgoing call is up it can either play a wav file into the current connection or also disconnect the call.


Another way could be to try to route all outgoing calls through an internal number with a call routing script. This script reads the number to be reached from the "post dialing digits" and uses a "Connect To" block to connect to that number. Behind the "connected" exit of this block a "Wait for disconnect" block can be placed, which configures a timeout in it's parameters. Once this timeout is reached the "timeout" exit will be used to exit the block. Behind this exit one could place a "Disconnect Call" block to disconnect the call. With the solution it is not possible to play any audio into the existing connection.


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