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Pascal Barth1

How to start multible calls at one time via ClientLineManager

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Hello community,


i am planing to write a program that allows the working with multible clients in one windows form to test callroutings, queues and other projects for swyxware.

I write this in C# and at the moment i am testing the possibility of this projekt.


Now i have a question. How can i start multicalls at one time for example with 3 Clients on one PC.


I activated already the Powerdialmode via the registry DWORD EnablePowerDialingMode.

At the moment i can successfully register more than one client with the server but if i start more than one call with the Method "simpleDial()" it justs starts the first one.


I tried already to start the ClientLinemanager object in an own thread or in an own projekt, with different lines or just one Client object for 2 clients...

Nothing worked.


Here is the actual testing code for a c# Console application:


c# Snipped:


        static void Main(string[] args)
            string userName = "";
            ClientLineMgrClass lineManager = new ClientLineMgrClass();
            ClientLineMgrClass lineManager_ = new ClientLineMgrClass();

            lineManager.RegisterUserEx("", "", "testbarth", "205", 1, 0, out userName);
            lineManager_.RegisterUserEx("", "", "test702", "702", 1, 0, out  userName);
            lineManager_.SimpleDial("123", 0); //the first call
            lineManager.SimpleDial("121", 1); //the second call




Thanks by this way... Pascal Barth


EDIT: I need to connect more than one user with the server, after i registered "test702" testbarth gets disconnected(logged off)


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