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Thanks for reading my post.


I am new to Swyx development and I was asked to check if it is possible to POST call details to a web server. In particular we need to send details of incoming call, pickups, hangup etc. Each detail should have a unique call id, so the receiving party can link an incoming call to a hangup.


As far as I understand, there are a couple of ways to achieve this:

•    Reading the CDR records from the SQL Server database
•    Using Web Extensions
•    Using the Client SDK


What would be the best approach? I have no problems in writing a .Net program that sends data to the webserver. But how should I feed this .Net program. My main concern is being able to provide a unique caller id.


Say, I use the SDK and hook on to the ClientLineManager. When a client receives a call, I use the appropriate event listener to collect and send the call details. I can use the CallID property to get the unique call id. But what happens when this call gets redirected to another client where it is picked up. Is a new CallID issued? If so, can I somehow link the two events/data?


Would it be possible to use the SQL Server database as a starting point? Are CDR records written instantly, or only when a call is hung up?


Thank you in advance for any suggestion!


Best regards,




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The question is: when do you need the data? 


If you need the first data immediately from the first ringing, then a web extension, client sdk or call routing script are the only possible way. CDRs are only written -after- a call is finally disconnected. 


If that is fine for you, I would prefer the CDRs.

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Hi Tom,


Thanks for your reply!


I prefer the CDR as well as it is a single point where all necessary information is stored. I will check whether its OK to send the data after final disconnection.


Just in case I need instant information: can I access a unique CallID when using web extensions?


Thanks again and have a nice day,


Best regards Roeland

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