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CTI + Issue on certain SIP Phones

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This is a weird one to report. If I use SwyxIT! with CTI+ on a sip phone, and hang up the call on the handset before the person being dialed answers (so SwyxIT still rings) the connection between CTI and the phone breaks. I have to reboot the phone to get CTI + working again. If I had called someone and cancelled the call from SwyxIT and then hang up the sip device handset, that is fine and nothing "breaks". If the person being called answers (or it went to vpice mail or something) I can hang up the handset without a problem. It only seems to happen if I hang up the handset before a call is established.


I have found this problem on cisco spa phones and aastra handets. Yealink doesnt seem to suffer this problem. I have tried the latest cisco spa firmware, no change. Any help would be appreciated as I am trying to sell in a sote with 100 cisco spa devices which wont be replaced at the outset.



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