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Many of my colleges, with my self included have the Problem that sometimes, when someon calls and I pick up with my Handset or Headset the mute-Button is activated.


Nobody pressed the mute button or has a hotkey set for that.


This is a very unprofessional and unacceptable for a company!

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The Handsets mute button is directly attached to the client, so when the client mute is activated, the device is muted and the other way arround. So I can't tell which is muting.


When I get called, and I pick up, the mute button on the device is activated.

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Yes, the handset (P280) mute button is directly linked, but not necessarily the ones from the headsets. That's why I asked.


There have been known problems with muting P280 which have been fixed in the latest version 2015 R3.2 . You are on the initial 2015 R3 release.


You also need to make sure to have the latest P280 firmware installed (v1.88). The Telekom will be able to provide it to you along with everything needed to perform the update.


The P280 should not be configured as default sound device in Windows.


Hint: other installed VoIP clients (e.g.Skype) can also cause this problem. 


If the update to the latest NetPhone version doesn't fix the problem you should get in touch with the Telekom. They have a support center for Netphone and will be able to help you.

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