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Tom Wellige

Status of the old Swyx Forum

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Hi all,


just in case you wonder why the domain www.swyx-forum.com still brings you to the old Swyx Forum page...


The old Swyx Forum will move from it's own root server into a VM and will stay there as archive for all times. The new VM comes with an SQL Server 2008 while the old Swyx Forum used an SQL Server 2008 R2. Unfortunately it is not possible to restore an SQL 2008 R2 backup into an SQL 2008.


As it is not possible to update the SQL 2008 to SQL 2008 R2 in short time I have to install two systems on my side (2008 and 2008 R2), restore Swyx Forum into the 2008 R2, export the database from there into the 2008, create a backup from there and only then the old Swyx Forum can be properly setup into it's new (final) home.


Only after that I will be able to switch the domain to the new Swyx Forum. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to reach the old forum for some time.


Long story short, I will be busy for some more evenings :-)

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Finally, the new forum is reachable now via the swyx-forum.com address!


All links to sub-pages of the old forum are still working and will bring you to the archived old forum (archive-swyx-forum.com). 


The old forum is completely read-only and accepts no logins any more. If you miss something just let me know, I will make it available here...





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