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You can use your existing Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn and/or Steam account to login to Swyx Forum or create a new account here. Once you have linked any of these accounts the login into Swyx Forum is nothing more than a mouse click for you.






Associate your Swyx Forum account with your Online Service account


To associate your existing user account here with your account at the wanted online service, click on your name in the top right corner of the page and then select Account Settings.





Within your settings select the online service you want to use and then click on "Sign in with ..."





Once you have approved Swyx Forum accessing your services account you can configure the degree of integration into it.






Now that the service account is linked you can use the "Sign in with ..." button from the first screenshot to login in to Swyx Forum with just one mouse click.



Disassociate your Online Service account again


If you want to disassociate your service account from Swyx Forum again, go into your Account Settings and click on the red link "Disassociate ..."



Association is optional


Of course all of this is optional. You don't need to link any of your online accounts with Swyx Forum. This is just a service offer you might want to use or not.




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A quick update on Facebook:


Swyx Forum has been finally approved by Facebook to use their login handler. So from now on you are also able to link your Facebook login with your Swyx Forum account for a single click login.

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Unfortunately I had to remove the LinkedIn login handler for the moment as it messed up the Account Settings page.

Once I am able to get my hands on an updated version, I will enable this login handler again.

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