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Tom Wellige


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Open Queue v2.1 (build 2.1.0) (09.01.2011)

  • Fix: (#000008) Call disconnects if server can't provide caller name and number properly
  • Fix: (#000007) Calls are disconnected if connect to timeout is set too large
  • Fix: (#000006) Queue and Call Timeouts of zero second are ignored
  • Fix: (#000005) Faulty behaviour if no user state signalling between target group and OQ script is configured
  • Fix: (#000004) Call not queued if target not reachable (no one logged in)

Open Queue v2.0 (build 2.0.5) (25.07.2008)

  • Fix: (FS#57) Problem with Music On Hold MOH
  • Added: (FS#56) Add Connection String Info to Manual

Open Queue v2.0 Release Candidate 3 (17.07.2008)

  • Fix: (FS#28) Problems when using system's music on hold
  • Fix: (FS#31) Add call in any case into the queue if destination is available directly
  • Fix: (FS#49) Pick call from queue doesn't work
  • Fix: (FS#50) A connected call doesn't change the state in the web view

Open Queue v2.0 Release Candidate 2 (03.07.2008)

  • Fix: (FS#48) Script Error on SwyxWare v6.12

Open Queue v2.0 Release Candidate 1 (08.11.2007)

  • Fix: (FS#4) Misleading explanation of DB setup
  • Fix: (FS#5) The "not reachable" exit never reached
  • Fix: (FS#6) Call get disconnected if ConnectTo returns unknown return values
  • Fix: (FS#7) No fallback in user status detection in LongestWaiting as it is available in OpenQueue
  • Fix: (FS#9) No user state aware call delivery
  • Fix: (FS#10) Delete timed out calls automatically from the queue
  • Added: (FS#8) Longest Waiting not yet implemented

Open Queue v2.0 Beta 1 (20.05.2007)

  • First Release.

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