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  1. TimAhKin

    Update user data

    Thank you very much! It worked fine. Have an awesome weekend!
  2. TimAhKin

    Update user data

    Like I said, it was something stupid. I used -UserEntry instead of -UserName. UserEntry accepts an object and UserName a string. Works fine now.
  3. TimAhKin

    Update user data

    I have something like this. I want to test with one user then try to apply to everyone using a for each. First I display the value then try to change it. Connect-IpPbx $userData = Get-IpPbxUserData -UserName "TestUser" Write-Host "Test User : $($userData.m_bRecordAllCalls)" Write-Host "Test User : $($userData.m_szRecordedCallsFolder)" $userData.m_bRecordAllCalls = 1 $userData.m_szRecordedCallsFolder = "D:\Recordings" Write-Host " -----------------------------" $userUpdateRec = $userData.m_bRecordAllCalls $userUpdateLoc = $userData.m_szRecordedCallsFolder Write-Host "$($userUpdateRec)" Write-Host "$($userUpdateLoc)" #Update-IpPbxUser -UserEntry $userRec #Set-IpPbxUserData -UserEntry "Testuser" -UserData $userData I want to change those two settings for the user. I have the new values but cannot update them. I keep getting errors and I'm not sure if I need to use Update-IpPbxUser or Set-IpPbxUserData. Any ideas? I think it's something easy and stupid that I'm missing. Cheers!
  4. TimAhKin

    Call routing for call forwarding

    God, time flies. I need some advice if possible. I've created a variant of the night switch. I have a calling route user with the night switch script and it's working. I even used Post Dials to enable or disable the service straigh away. Now, what is the best way to actually use this in production? I have a main calling route user. Do I edit the calling route on that user and do a test in the beggining that tests to see if the night switch is on or off? Or I create a new user with all the numbers from the main calling route user and again if the NS is on, I call the number that was set up and if NS if off I redirect the call to the main user? I have the feeling I'm caught in a web and I can't seem to find the most effective way to do this. Any tips?
  5. TimAhKin

    Swyxware PowerShell

    Hi, I'm trying to find few things from the swyx server and I'm wondering if it's possible to use PowerShell for that. I want to know the number of online users at a time and also how many licenses are in use. Would also be nice if I can find somewhere the last login for each offline user. Is there a place where I can more information about SwyxWare PowerShell? I've found some methods and properties but for sure there's more. Cheers!
  6. TimAhKin

    Google apps SMTP setup

    Manage to get it working. For some reason the port 465 for SSL doesn't work. It worked with port 587 for TLS. Cheers!
  7. TimAhKin

    Google apps SMTP setup

    Hi, Did anyone made this work? I've checked the logs and it seems it cannot connect to SMTP server smtp.gmail.com I think there was a discussion on the old forums but it doesn't load for me anymore. If you guys have any ideas, please let me know. Cheers.
  8. TimAhKin

    Call routing question

    I have a situation where if two numbers are called, the call goes to one group and if two other numbers are called it goes to another group. All 4 numbers have internal numbers on the calling route user. The Call block doesn't seem to work properly. Or can I make somehow in the Call block an "AND"? I see that if I use Evaluate block I can call CalledNumber function. Can I use something like CalledNumber()=number1 OR number2. And if I can, should I use the internal number or the public number? Thanks!
  9. TimAhKin

    Instant messaging logs

    Hello, After an instant messaging instance is closed, the conversation is saved somewhere? I know there is a button where you can save it to a .rtf file, but if you just close the window, everything is lost?
  10. Hi there I have let's say 10 dummy users for calling routes. I want to find a way to automate the Call Forwarding Unconditional. Now, when we want to divert the calls, we need to manually enable this calling route for each dummy user and then switch it back. The idea is to create a master calling route with an option to dial a specific number, authenticate with a pin number and be presentend with two options, to enable or disable the call forwarding across the company. I want to see if something like this can be implemented and if it's possible, what resources can I use to implement it. Thank you!
  11. TimAhKin

    Voicemail not working

    Hmm.. 00:49:41.494 001328 Inf3 SMTP 0760AC68 00000000 CSmtpClient::Trace SMTP server: 550 5.7.1 Client does not have permissions to send as this sender<CR><LF> 26 00:49:41.494 001328 *Err SMTP 0760AC68 00000000 CSmtpClient::SendCmdAndGetResponse SMTP server refuses ". " with: "550 5.7.1 Client does not have permissions to send as this sender". I'm using administrator@company.com to send. I'm not sure what permissions are required.
  12. TimAhKin

    Voicemail not working

    Hello again I have some issues with the voicemail setup. Everything looks ok but in the end the voicemail is not being sent to the required email. I looked over the IpPbxSrv logs and I found this line that appears on all test calls I've made. It's just a warning and I'm not sure if this is the cause or the issue is somewhere else. 26 00:49:41.376 0008a8 Warn SrvPBXCtl 06965C78 00004cdf SScrServer::UserVMailEMailAddrReq () failed EMailAddr not defined. Are there any relevant information in other logs or everything is in IpPbxSrv log? I've uploaded the log with one of the calls. callLog.log
  13. TimAhKin

    User creation date

    Found it! Thank you!
  14. TimAhKin

    User creation date

    It's 2015. In 2013 where was that change log located?
  15. TimAhKin

    User creation date

    Hi there! I'm wondering if there is a way to check when a user was created on Swyx? I was looking at some of the generated logs but couldn't find anything related to user creation Thanks.