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    Check Location of a user inside Call Routing

    Hi Tom, I've tried to solve my problem via the PBXConfig Object but it was not successful. The problem is that we have only one Swyx server where are different locations configured. With the PBXConfig object I only get the country- and areacode from the default location. Also we have the situation that it's possible that a user has a number different from his location. So I can't identify his location via the number which was called. The only possibility I see now is to connect to the swyx database from the ECR script and get the location from the user from there. Or is there any other possibility which I don't see at the moment?
  2. Hello, I need to check inside an ECR script the location of a user which is defined in "Properties -> Administration". I had a look at the PBXUser Object but it seems that it's not possible to get the location. Is there really no way to get the location of a user or am I overlooked something? Thanks for your replies!