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  1. Varmenni

    SwyxPhone Client - user status not "up to date"

    If you change the skin in your client, do you get an error?
  2. Varmenni

    Bulk change internal numbers

    Should be easy enough to do with PowerShell. If you put the new scheme into a csv file with the format Name,Internal,External Joe,100,+123-456100 Bob,101,+123-456101 Then you should be able to use the following: $users = import-csv file.csv foreach ($user in $users) { $userentry = get-ippbxuser -Username $user.Name get-ippbxpublicnumber -User $userentry|remove-ippbxpublicnumber get-ippbxinternalnumber -User $userentry| remove-ippbxinternalnumber new-ippbxinternalnumber -Internalnumber $user.Internal|add-ippbxinternalnumbertouser -userentry $userentry new-ippbxpublicnumber -Publicnumber $user.External | add-ippbxpublicnumber -InternalNumber $user.Internal } Note, I haven't tested this but it should be close.
  3. Varmenni

    New download: Zendesk Integration

    Hey Tom! Unfortunately the download file has gone
  4. Varmenni

    Get OriginationNumber in Redirect

    One way would be to us postdialingdigits. If for example: 100 - ECR user 101 - telephonists Then you would transfer the call to 100101, and after reading the DTMF you can then transfer the call to PBXCall.PostDialingDigits
  5. Varmenni

    Swyx setup with 2 Nic Cards??

    Take a look at the following post: http://archive-swyx-forum.com/community/Forums/tabid/54/forumid/25/postid/7179/scope/posts/Default.aspx#.VuB-vJyLTWI
  6. Varmenni

    Weird 20 seconds delay on call

    I've seen similar things happen where srtp/mikey fails. Try disabling encryption. If that solves the issue, then you will need to investigate why the mikey exchange fails.
  7. Varmenni

    Ordering Speed dials in alphabetical order

    Sure Try Get-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -UserName "James Bond" | Where-Object {$_.Id -lt 100} | Sort-Object label | Update-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -UserName "James Bond" Not sure what happens to the other SDKs. Worst case, you'll have omit the last piped command and save the result to a variable, and then iterate over and insert them in the correct position.
  8. Varmenni

    Ordering Speed dials in alphabetical order

    Use PowerShell Luke! Something along the lines of: Get-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -UserName "James Bond" | Where-Object {$_.Label -ne "-" -and $_.Label.Length -gt 0} | Sort-Object label | Update-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -UserName "James Bond"
  9. Varmenni

    Setting the phone pin to the users extension

    update-ippbxuser -userentry $user Should be update-ippbxuser -userentry $user
  10. Varmenni

    SwyxIt requires login credentials to be entered every day

    IIRC, those things are kept in the registry, under HKCU\Software\Swyx\CurrentVerision\Options My guess is that those users don't have permission to write to the registry, or something is wiping out the changes.
  11. Varmenni

    Setting the phone pin to the users extension

    Use PowerShell. Something along the lines of: $users = get-ippbxgroupmember -groupname Everyone foreach ($user in $users) { if ($user.InternalNumberEntryCollection[0] -ne $null) { $user.LanPhonePIN = $user.InternalNumberEntryCollection[0].Number update-ippbxuser -entry $user } }
  12. My suggestion would be to assign another, preferably non-resolvable number as the alternative number and then use number replacement in the trunk group to rewrite that number to the fax number.
  13. Varmenni

    Headset Audio Configuration Screen

    This is kept in the registry on the client computer, in HKCU\Software\Swyx\Clmgr\... or something close to that.
  14. Varmenni

    Option 'hide Number'

    Set hide number on line 3, label it as hidden number and inform your users?
  15. Varmenni

    Can You Get Statuslist With Powershell ?