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  1. Hello Ivo, Does the Swyx service account have write rights on the folder? Best regards, Rob
  2. Please try the following. Don't forget to restart the SwyxIt! client afterwards: Please try the following. Add (or modify if already exists) the following keys in the registry of the client: Disable the MultiSubscription by setting the following key to 0 (zero): "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Swyx\Client Line Manager\CurrentVersion\Options" DWORD, "EnableMultiSubscription", 0 reduce the number of speedial keys which are send in one registration message: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Swyx\Client Line Manager\CurrentVersion\Options" DWORD, "MaxSipPresenceSubscriptionSize", 10 (default:50)
  3. Hello Heine, Every incoming, outgoing (transferred) trunk call is recorded. Best regards, Rob
  4. Hello Heine, You can record internal/external, external/internal calls automatically via trunk recording. You need the SwyxMonitor option pack. Because this is an option pack you need to buy this license for every user. Best regards, Rob
  5. Hello, The only way I know is changing the password via the web interface of the phone. May I ask why you want the passwords of all the phones? Best regards, Rob
  6. Hello, Your trace shows the Swyx server is releasing the call: 20:16:26 L3 Q.931 RELEASE COMPLETE U=>N Crn = 242 Dest The ipbxsrv trace will tell you more about what exactly is happening here. Best regards, Rob
  7. Hello Dab, Upgrade your installation to SwyxWare 2015 R3. Windows 10 is supported within this new version. Best regards, Rob
  8. Hello Mark, Which SwyxWare/SwyxIt! version do you have? Best regards, Rob
  9. Hello Scheffer, You can use a tool as Audacity to change the volume of wav files. Rob
  10. Hello Zahid, Please don't forward port 5060. You create serious security risks by doing that. SwyxIt! uses a lot of different ports. Please check your BT router. See attached screenshot for port details. Best regards, Rob
  11. Welcome to Swyx Forum :-)