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    Skype for Business Connector

    thanks for providing the information, unfortunately, I still can't login with the connector. I think I'll call the support
  2. mmjlz

    Skype for Business Connector

    Thank you, do you know where I can configure the remote connector certificate? Is there no documentation which ports are needed?
  3. mmjlz

    Skype for Business Connector

    Hi, I wanted to ask what's needed to make the connector work? I installed it, it's showing up on my SFB client, but it's not logging in. When I click the gear symbol and then 'Login', it's simply doing nothing.. My account is linked to my windows domain account. I also tried changing the auth to username+password without luck. Can somebody help me? Regards, Jessica
  4. Ok that explains everything Thanks for your help
  5. Unfortunately it's not working too. Number and date/time are displayed, but no caller name. All details are available in the call log.... Maybe the call routing script cannot access the outlook information?
  6. Hi, we have a call routing script which sends an email for missed calls. Is it possible to show the caller name in this email if the contact is stored in Outlook? The general connection between Swyx and Outlook is working. I can see the caller name in my "missed calls" list and also when I type the name into the dial field. But in the email it shows nothing. It's only working for contacts stored in global or personal Swyx phone book. I'm using IpPbx.CallingName Any ideas what's wrong?
  7. Welcome to Swyx Forum :-)