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  1. Stewart

    SwyxIT! connection issues

    Hi, I have a client who has been using Swyx for many years over cisco VPN's - when at home they have a hard swyx phone which works without any issues and then they use the Swyxit! softphone in CTI. This has worked for a long time. Recently for no reason, the Swyxit client will no longer log into the swyx server, the VPN's are active and pass data, the swyx server can be accessed over the network via ping and browsing to the shares etc, firewalls HAVE NOT CHANGED and the hard phones still works with out any issues. I am open to any ideas as to why for no reason this should stop working? Regards, Stewart
  2. Stewart

    Pause Call Recording on a trunk from Client Skin?

    OK, so I have found it under Trunk Recording. I have Swyx monitor and swyx professional. I allow user control for start stop record, enter a DTMF sequence and apply settings. I allow the client record control. when in a conversation i enter the DTMF code but do not hear the signal sound for start/stop and the recording still records everything. Regards, Stewart
  3. Hi, Due to PCI DSS requirements we need to be able to pause a call recording so that card numbers and details are not recorded. Is it possible with the swyx system to create a button on the client skin to allow this action to happen? (if not then it needs to be looked at) I know that you have turn client conversation recording on and off but I am looking for this action on the Trunk recording section. Swyx - Essential Thanx Stewart
  4. Stewart

    Isdn30 Outbound Cli

    Hi, One way would be to change the number presentation in the client properties of the user, you can select/add a number that you want to be shown for out going calls. User Properties>Client>lines you have to select each line and change the out going number. Hope this helps. Stew.
  5. Welcome to Swyx Forum :-)