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  1. Pascal Barth1

    Anzahl verwendeter Lizenzen

    Hey Beychr, wir haben etwas ähnliches gebraucht und lesen dafür die Logdateien des Servers aus wo diese Information zu finden ist. (IpPbxSrv.log) Gruß Pascal
  2. Ahh Super danke Leider Funktioniert der Download nicht..
  3. Hey, i am looking for a way to manipulate the ClientDataKeys of a user. The UserEntry object from SWConfigDataClientLib.Proxies.Users does not contain all config points for an User.. The ClientDataKeys enum contains "MinimizeWhenInactive" i need to manipulate this value of a user object. Is there a way to set this value? Language: c# ps: There is a missing summary Thanks..
  4. Pascal Barth1

    WPF - react on incoming calls - Threading Problem

    Hey Juse, I had a problem like yours. Can you solve it by invoking the WPF class? I just know it by Windows Forms... Example for my Invoking from an other thread: this.Invoke(new Action(() => { label8.Text = myNetPhoneClient.UserName; SetUserStateOn(); }));
  5. Pascal Barth1

    Run application in "Any CPU" mode

    Hey Rico, perhaps there is a problem between your application and the CLMGr.exe. The CLMgr.exe works with a COM Object to communicate. When your Application is 64bit but the CLMgr.exe a 32 Bit app errors can occur. I am not realy shure but this could be the problem. Best regards, Pascal
  6. Pascal Barth1


    Hello Together, I solved it once with a Windows Service. The Service uses the CDS API for updating the Holdmusic. You can use although a folder where you place the .wav files. The Service reads this folder an puts the missing musicfiles into the database. You could configure a random or sequential row for the music. The service should look like this: Timeout(30 minutes)>Read Folder>Put missing Files to DB>Change musiconhold>start new Timer. Best regards Pascal
  7. Pascal Barth1

    How to start multible calls at one time via ClientLineManager

    Solved it, I just use one User and handle the multible lines for my calls.
  8. Pascal Barth1

    Call ID using C#

    Hey Madreetta, did you already implemented the ClientLinemanager Objekt of the client SDK and Connected your form with the server? Please tell more about how far your projekt is. You can use very well the example projects from this forum i used it too.. http://archive-swyx-forum.com/community/Forums/tabid/54/forumid/44/threadid/4/scope/posts/Default.aspx#.V5djfdlkjcs
  9. Hello community, i am planing to write a program that allows the working with multible clients in one windows form to test callroutings, queues and other projects for swyxware. I write this in C# and at the moment i am testing the possibility of this projekt. Now i have a question. How can i start multicalls at one time for example with 3 Clients on one PC. I activated already the Powerdialmode via the registry DWORD EnablePowerDialingMode. At the moment i can successfully register more than one client with the server but if i start more than one call with the Method "simpleDial()" it justs starts the first one. I tried already to start the ClientLinemanager object in an own thread or in an own projekt, with different lines or just one Client object for 2 clients... Nothing worked. Here is the actual testing code for a c# Console application: c# Snipped: _________________________ static void Main(string[] args) { string userName = ""; ClientLineMgrClass lineManager = new ClientLineMgrClass(); ClientLineMgrClass lineManager_ = new ClientLineMgrClass(); lineManager.RegisterUserEx("", "", "testbarth", "205", 1, 0, out userName); lineManager_.RegisterUserEx("", "", "test702", "702", 1, 0, out userName); lineManager_.SimpleDial("123", 0); //the first call Thread.Sleep(200); lineManager.SimpleDial("121", 1); //the second call Console.ReadLine(); } ________________________ Thanks by this way... Pascal Barth EDIT: I need to connect more than one user with the server, after i registered "test702" testbarth gets disconnected(logged off)
  10. Welcome to Swyx Forum :-)

    1. Pascal Barth1

      Pascal Barth1

      Danke :) sry habe die Nachricht erst jetzt gesehen. Besteht die Möglichkeit dass ich meinen Namen ändern lassen kann? Mir ist aufgefallen dass die meisten ihren vollen Namen angegeben haben.


      Gruß Pascal

    2. Tom Wellige

      Tom Wellige

      Hallo Pascal,


      das ist kein Problem. Klicke oben rechts auf Deinen Namen und wähle "Account Settings" im Menü aus. Auf der nächsten Seite wählst Du "Display Name" in der Auflistung links und kannst Deinen Anzeige Namen (und damit auch Deinen Login Namen) ändern.


      Viele Grüße,


    3. Pascal Barth1

      Pascal Barth1

      Ah alles klar danke. Habe nur unter Edit Profile gesucht. 


      Gruß Pascal