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    Speeddial Tools

    i do have a very simple one (no looping as i cant get it to work) the nice bit would be if it does it for all members rather then 1 shorter example $user = read-host $1 = New-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -title "user1" -Number 111 $2 = New-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -title "user2"-Number 108 $3 = New-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -Title "user3" -number 124 Add-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -SpeedDialKey $1 -UserName $user -SpeedDialKeyId 0 Add-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -SpeedDialKey $2 -UserName $user -SpeedDialKeyId 1 Add-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -SpeedDialKey $3 -Username $user -SpeedDialKeyId 2 the nice bit would be that it adjusts for the amount of people being added/changed and that the speedial keys can be given a start number or from a file
  2. zerox22x

    Speeddial Tools

    hello i know there used to be a speedial assistent for swyx 2011 is there someway to replicate the copy function for this as most of our agents use the same speeddial set or is there a tool that does work for swyx 2015 r2
  3. zerox22x

    Empty Script Connecttime In Database

    we installed the hotfix earlier and so far so good with the script connect time being filled in
  4. zerox22x

    Clients Slow To Login/logoff

    an sbs2011 server hosting ad and a fileshare however when it happends all clients are already logged in and a debian server hosting a database also another test server however this one barely gets any load if it all
  5. zerox22x

    Clients Slow To Login/logoff

    all machines are at minimum an i3 at 2.5 Ghz, 4gb ram the server is a Xeon e5-2420 @ 1.9 Ghz with 46 gb ram currenty is at 70% memory load and 10% cpu usage in the hyper-v itself memory load doesnt get over 75% cpu tends to average on about 14% when actively monitoring it occasiannaly goes to 15% total use (12 virtual cores) its mostly only during login that its slower thenwhat it used to be (2-3 seconds now 5-8 seconds) and sometimes when trying to transfer to another person or picking up a line after hanging it up (client seems to freeze for a few seconds)
  6. zerox22x

    Clients Slow To Login/logoff

    it seems that sometimes our clients take a little bit of time to login or logoff aswell as doeing signalling, in some cases its just login and logoff but the slower pc seem to have issues when it comes to for example hanging up a call and less then a second later picking up a new one (nothing happends)
  7. hello it seems that swyxware 2015 r2 doesnt fil in the scriptconnect time in the CDR database (same instance just a difrent database internally) everything else does get filled in properly doesnt it get filled anymore or is it failing for whatever reason to do so
  8. hello we completed our migration a few days ago , however the calls dont get recorded with the right name at all according to swyx for a incoming line : Out#123#Schulz, Eva#0012345678#20050217#155844.wav (grabbed from swyx manual) but its saving it with an id number only
  9. we are getting ready to move our older swyxware 2011 r2 server to new a new machine in Hyper-V. however what would be the most sensible way to do it while retaining all of the settings/skins/etc im currently thinking of 2 ways to do it 1 backup the current swyx in its entirety using the backup utility 2 install swyx 2011 r2 in trial mode and restore the database 3 upgrade to swyx 2015 r2 and upgrade the database aswell or 1 backup the database of the current installation 2 restore it directly in swyx 2015 r2 and allowing it to upgrade the database
  10. zerox22x

    Swyx 2015 In Hyper-V

    so no randomly dropped calls where the server was to blame etc?
  11. zerox22x

    Swyx 2015 In Hyper-V

    hi We are goeing to try and virtualise our swyx server into hyper-v 2012 r2 , i wonder if there are alot of problems with the network layer and voip i have already looked around abit and saw some networking issues when it came to hyper-v on server 2008 there are about 15 users and about 10 lines maximum we are just wondering about it before testing in hyper-v and then finding out that underload it has some issues with the network layer if i posted this into the wrong sub forum let me also know
  12. Welcome to Swyx Forum :-)